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Powerstretch 300%

What is Powerstretch? Powerstretch is a stretch film that is used on pallet wrapping machines (automatic pallet wrappers) for wrapping products on a pallet. The pallet wrapper must be provided with a pre-stretch installation for this type of film. With the help of this, 1 meter of Powerstretch-300% film can be stretched up to 4 meters of film. Thanks to this extreme stretch characteristic, you use much less material. Although the costs per kilogram are more expensive than those of standard films, it will save considerably on costs. You will earn your pallet wrapper soon! Also for environmental reasons it is obviously good to use less stretch film. The properties of this Power Stretch film are such that a good stability of the pallet is guaranteed when the film is used properly i.s.m. the pallet wrapping machine.

Machine stretch film 300% Powerstretch transparent 23µm / 50cm / 1.500m
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Make 4m film out of 1m film with your pre-stretch pallet wrapper. Powerstretch is a LDPE stretch fil..

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