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Plastic PET strap

PET strapping band is suitable for strapping medium heavy and heavy goods and pallets. PET stands for Poly Ethylene Terephthalate. This is a thermoplastic polyester, a plastic product which, for example, also makes soft drinks bottles. Pet strap is made from recycled material and can easily be recycled again with plastic waste. It is so strong that it can in most cases be used as an alternative to steel strapping without compromising the quality of pallet stabilization. The big advantage, however, is that it is much lighter in weight and easier and safer to process. PET belt can withstand temperatures up to 60 ° C, it does not oxidize, is not sensitive to UV light and has a high elongation ability. The final tensile strength of PET tape is determined by the thickness and width of the chosen belt. We are happy to help you make the right choice in PET or perhaps one of our other strapping types.

You can tension and close the PET belt with a vibro tensioner (Zapak) or manually with a strapping device such as the TwinTurboTang. You need sealing seals for the latter option. You can find these products elsewhere on this website. PET band can be printed with your logo on request.

Also use the volume discounts for PET band.

PET Strapping Green 12,5mm/0,6mm/2500m
As low as €40.65

Tensile strength 280kg. Core diameter 406mm. PET strap is the best alternative to steel strapping an..

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