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Equipment / Materials

Orga strapper 13mm

For manual tensioning and closing plastic straps with a steel seal. Thanks to the patented constru..

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Strapping Sealer for PP-strap seals 16mm

For closing PP-band straps with serrated metal seals (item 441390003). Very solid and durable seal..

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Strapping tool sealles MST 3

Lightweight steel strap equipment for seamless tensioning and closing. Up to 3,000 N tensile force. ..

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Strapping tool sealless JK-12-19

Up to 6,000 N tension force. Topmodel steelband device that allows you to tension and seal steel c..

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TwinTurbo tang 13 mm

Voor sluiten, spannen en zegelen van PP- en PET-band 13 mm Verchroomd...

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TwinTurbo tang 16 mm

T.b.v. PP-band en PET-band 16 mm Deze combitang spant, zegelt en snijdt...

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Zapak ZP97 automatic strapping tool

Max. Tension 400 kgs. Battery powered.For effortless tightening and fastening of PET and PP strappin..

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