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Schrink sleeves

The shrink sleeve is a fairly thick LDPE sleeve which protects your products against moisture and dirt. The sleeve is supplied on a roll and already has the correct shape so that it can be easily pulled over the load and the pallet. The sleeve is then heated using a shrink-pistol or shrink-tunnel, resulting in a tight fit around the pallet. In this way, the pallet and its load are stabilized facilitating transport. Shrink sleeves are the ideal solution especially for heavy and sharp loads because they are not only very strong, they also form themselves around the load.

The sleeves are available in types which can be either shrunk lengthwise (mono) or length and breadth wise (biaxial). These sleeves are available in many different sizes, and the height in particular can vary a lot. Generally, the length and breadths are adjusted according to the type of pallet.

The sleeves can be supplied both transparent and coloured on request. They can also be supplied pre-printed, offering good marketing opportunities for your firm. What about a large print of your firm logo?


Schrink sleeve LDPE 127x (2x54)x170cm / 100µ
As low as €2.59

For blockpallets. Use in combination with schrink gun. Packed per 10 pcs...

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Schrink sleeve LDPE 127x(2x44)x170cm / 100µ
As low as €2.51

For Euro pallets. Use in combination with schrink gun. Packed per 10 pcs...

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