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Film dispensers

There are various types of equipment available to facilitate the use of the various types of stretch film. Which is most suitable depends on the sort of stretch film and the application. We supply a large assortment of film dispensers:

  • Plastic caps (black or white)
  • Fixtool with single or double bearings2-part plastic dispenser
  • "Handy wrap" dispensers for Mini-stretch film
  • Easyfix for coreless

FIX Tools® is a brand specially designed by Hoogstraten. We guarantee that this brand of manual wrap film dispensers is an excellent choice and a quality product. Pallets are wrapped fast and ergonomically. The metal version is strong and the double bearing (top and underside) ensures constant, even tension. Moreover, dispenser height is easily adjustable.


Foliedispenser Coreless

This dispenser can be used in combination with coreless hand stretch film.Are you a reseller for str..

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Foliedispenser FIXTOOLS® Chrome double bearings
As low as €26.95

FIX Tools® is a brand specially designed for stretch film rolls. We guarantee that this brand of m..

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Handy Wrap Bundelfoliedispenser blauw
As low as €1.99

For bundle stretch film ( mini rolls) with core 38 / 140 mm...

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Plastic stretch film dispenser 2-parts
As low as €3.75

For easely unwinding stretch film rolls with a 50mm (standard) core...

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Stretch film dispenser metal yellow SR50
As low as €16.95

Handy dispenser for handrolls stretch film..

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Stretch film FIXTOOLS dispenser chrome single bearing
As low as €24.95

Bestseller in Europe. Very ergonomic en durable dispenser for handrolls stretch film. Neutral packed..

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