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Paper non-skid or anti-slip sheets is a particularly practical and inexpensive method for stabilizing pallets. They prevent boxes or other products from sliding on the pallet during transport. It is a particularly strong paper with an extremely stiff surface, without "abrasive" effect.
It is amazing how slanted you can keep a box-filled pallet without the boxes starting sliding thanks to these handy paper sheets. The use of Non-skid sheets will give you a considerable advantage when it comes to damage caused by fallen pallets / cargo. You may even be able to use less wrapping film so that you are more sustainable again.

Non-skid sheets are currently only available per pallet (call for info).

anti-slip paper 750x1150mm for Europallet

100grs. By using anti-slip or anti-skid paper you prevent product damage in a simple and inexpensive..

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Anti-slip paper sheets 115x96cm for blockpallet

100grs/m2 paper. By using gripsheets or anti-slip paper you prevent product damage in a simple and i..

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